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Sniper Ghillie Suits For Sale! Nessessity? Yes!

As you know, Sniping is a very serious business, you are going to be the one that decides if that man lives or dies. But, you must also protect yourself. Don't settle for cheap immitations, if you're serious about Sniping, you are going to need a serious ghillie suit!

Ordering information:

Please e-mail me so we can discuss the specifics about your ghillie suit. Remember! All Sniper's are marksmen, not all marksmen are Sniper's.

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Serious Sniper's only!

I am offering two types of ghillie suits custom made to your specifications, These are battle proven and used by Marine Scout Snipers all over the world. Stalk Ghillie: This suit is good if your going to be on your belly alot in areas of low cover/concealment, it includes vail, top and bottom. Pattrolling Ghillie: This is a good ghillie if you are able to weasel walk or the area you are operating in has good cover/concealment, it also provides good 360 protection. Prices: Price will depend on the size and the area you are going to be operating in. (I need to know how light or dark to make the ghillie). Stalk Ghillie: $175-250 Patrolling Ghillie: $250-350

Snipers have operated in this AO times.